Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The May Tally

Now that the month's ended, all the receipts have been tallied, pay stubs have been summed up, and the results are in.

QFC:        $1,462
Domino's:     $955
Tips:         $1,040

Total:        $3,457

 It was a five-paycheck month at QFC, so that was an extra $300. I've also been getting solid three-day workweeks at QFC, which makes for better checks; and next month, holiday pay for working on Memorial Day will show up, which will be super nice!

Earlier in May, we signed up for Republic Wireless service to replace our current landline. We're giving it a test run before we cancel our Century Link service, but it appears to be working well so far.... which is great, because at the rates we’ve been paying, it ends up being significantly cheaper– even including the cost of the smartphone!

CenturyLink landline: $27.70 ish per month. Yes, rates just went up about $2. :(
Republic: $7.10/month (the $5 plan), since we really only need a home phone anyway; $205 (16GB phone plus tax/shipping) depreciated over a year is $17.08/month. Total actual cost per month: $24.18. Monthly savings of $3.50. This savings will jump all the way up to $20/month once the cost of the phone is fully depreciated out.

Even nicer, though, is the fact that we will immediately reduce our monthly cash flow by $20! That’s money that can go directly into savings.

Had a successful shoe shopping trip-- found some nice walking shoes for Mrs. Fund. Going to the mall and then eating lunch at Costco made it into a fun outing.

Food spending came in under $200 ($191.78 to be exact). I was surprised, because we bought a bunch of extra stuff-- almost $40 of tuna (a giant can at Costco, plus 56 cans when they were on sale for $0.50/can), $30 worth of ice cream (on sale for $1.99/carton!), and a few other miscellaneous extraneous things.

We went way over-budget on diapers-- but we shouldn't need any for a while now. Costco had a $6 off coupon, so we ended up buy 4 cases.

Zoo trip is coming up in June, so we'll get to spend some of the activity fund. Yay!

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