Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Riches.

Hooray for five-paycheck months! I feel like a rich person this month, just wondering where it all came from.

QFC:        $1,592
Domino's:  $1,220
Odd Jobs:    $100
Tips:            $871

Total:        $3,783

Of course, in those numbers there's an extra $300 from QFC, and an extra $400 from Domino's. It all goes into savings-- we actually were able to move a whole $2,000 into savings savings for July!

We spent $210 on food, which is pretty good considering that we bought over $55 of nuts (stocking up at Costco), and about twenty boxes of pasta ($0.75/box!).

There have been a lot of fun trips to the lake and the beach this month, as the weather has been clear and sunny and perfect for playing in the water. The only cost of these activities has been out of the gas budget, which is perfect, and the Fund Kiddos love splashing and throwing rocks and wading. Unfortunately, weather for the Independence Day parade was less than spectacular, so we missed that.

I re-worked some electrical outlets in the living room, so that we can re-do the flooring-- spent maybe $45, compared to the $400 that the electrician quoted me ($115 an hour? Ay-ay-ay....).

We did have to pay our homeowner's insurance this month, so that was $553 of spending, but it wasn't unexpected and we'd been saving up for it.

In other news, the battery in the blue Civic died. Dead. We had to spend a majority of the funds in the Auto Maintenance budget; I know we'll be needing a set of tires for the silver Civic, so I've been trying to be extra-frugal in this area, and it was kind of disappointing to be set back. At least we didn't have to overspend our reserves, though; it's just discouraging that they're back to only $25.
It seems like everyone else has a disclaimer, so here you go. Consider yourself disclaimed. All I'm claiming is that I only claim what I claim I claim, and disclaim other claims I haven't claimed.

Does "claim" sound weird in your head now? It does in mine.